Who Are We (Me)?

                 Jack Fuller, owner

                 Jack Fuller    
Tai Chi Experience:    21 years of concentrated training
                                                            19 years of teaching
                                                             I see around 600 people a week in different classes

                                                             I have personally experienced the profound benefits
                                                             that come with the regular practice of Tai Chi and
                                                             wish to share this wonderful venue with as many
                                                             others as I can!

                                                              I have conducted workplace classes for companies
                                                              such as Capital One and GE Financial (Genworth).
                                                              Many of my classes are through Henrico County Parks
                                                              and Recreation.  I have several classes at workout
                                                              facilities, private organizations and a diversity of

                 Background:                      Started and owned several small businesses
                                                              (Atlantic Solar, Inc., CAD Services)
                                                             Worked with Xerox Engineering Systems
                                                              BA Ohio State U., Most of a Masters in Rehab.
                                                              Counselling VCU


                            Teachers:                Steve Lipscomb - National Champion in several
                                                              different Tai Chi events
                                                             Jon & Pat Shear - very accomplished local Tai Chi players.
                                                              Dr. Paul Lam - Internationally known expert in
                                                              developing Tai Chi programs for different medical
                                                              challenges. Paul is a former national Tai Chi
                                                              champion in China.

                            Jack Fuller
                            238 Railway Rd.
                            Port Haywood, VA  23138
                            804 815-0937  
email:  jack@jackfuller.net
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