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                               15 Minute Tai Chi Break

               The Complete Tai Chi Program For Busy People

Color   50 Minutes Long  Not Rated

The 15 Minute Tai Chi Break program consists  of 3-5 minutes of relaxation
warm up, followed by repeating 12 easily learned moves four times (15 minutes).

It is perfect for those at work who wish a relaxing, centering break.  It is also
great for anyone who is just "Too busy."

The program is based on widely accepted breathing and warm-up techniques,
followed by the execution of 12 moves from the Sun Style of Tai Chi, made popular
by Dr. Paul Lam in his, "Tai Chi For Arthritis" program.  

You can, of course, vary the length of the program by adjusting the number
of times you repeat the basic 12 moves.


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