Why Tai Chi in the Workplace:
  • Tai Chi can save companies big money.
  • Tai Chi reduces stress.
  • Tai Chi can be done In work clothes in the office
  • Tai Chi can increase productivity.
  • Tai Chi can reduce absenteeism.


One thing that makes Tai Chi ideal for the workplace is that it requires no special
clothing or equipment.  If you have 15 minutes in a quiet room, you are set to
experience some amazing stress reduction and energy boosting!

Since Tai Chi is a slow and gentle practice, you will not work up a sweat.  By
simply loosening your tie or kicking off your heels, you are all set.  We will also
show you some simple Qigong* techniques you can do while seated.

*  Qigong is one of the bases of Chinese medicine.  It is the art of letting vital,
healing energy flow throughout your body.  Tai Chi is a Qigong, but it also a
martial art

                                                    Onsite Program Example
                                15 Minute Tai Chi Breaks
                         (We will customize a program to fit your individual needs)
Initial Presentation   
We will  present the scope and benefits of taking a 15 minute break and doing Tai Chi exercises.
This presentation usually takes approximately 30 minutes and is scheduled to fit your individual situation.
Four Initial Training Sessions
We will train small groups (or large) in practicing Tai Chi in the Workplace.  These sessions are usually
limited to 30 minutes.  Each employee will be given a DVD, timer and handouts  to use for  practice.

Ongoing Support
We will conduct periodic training sessions as requested, both as a refresher for continuing employees
and to train new personnel.  We will also be available for phone and email consultation.  Employees will
be offered the opportunity to participate in regular Tai Chi practices after work.  

Our staff is dedicated to making sure that everyone is taken care of - our
programs, after all, are about  reducing the stress level in your workplace!

To schedule a visit to your workplace, please call Jack Fuller:
                                         804 815-0937
Email: jack@jackfuller.net
15 Minute Tai Chi Breaks
 The complete Tai Chi program for busy people
Tai Chi helps us break unhealthy patterns of internal fear or stress
responses.  This can resonate out to office relationships, helping us
and our co-workers be calmer and more productive.  Just as tension
begets  tension, calm can help beget calm in those around us.

Tai Chi can save companies big money.
Many insurers offer discounts in health insurance premiums
for incorporating Tai Chi in the workplace.
40% of job turnover is due to stress.
55% of health care costs are for lifestyle related illnesses.
Absenteeism due to stress is at its highest level in 7 years.

Tai Chi can increase productivity.
With a relaxed body, one can perform more efficiently.  And with
a clear and focused mind, one can concentrate on the task at
hand, or multi task with ease.

The practice of Tai Chi leads to employees getting
along better, both with clients and each other.

"Our programs are about transformation of the individual
through the simple process of applying the principles and
practicing the art of Tai Chi."

We have conducted Onsite Tai Chi classes for
Capital One and GE Financial (now Genworth, VHDA, Dominion VA Power
These were full length classes

To schedule a visit to your workplace, please call Jack Fuller:
804 815-0937
Email: jack@jackfuller.net
Instructional   DVD Available
Contains Whole 15 Minute Tai Chi Break Program
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